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Answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q. Who is FixRim?
A: FixRim Mobile Wheel Repair, LLC offers franchises for the establishment and operation of mobile businesses providing alloy wheel rim repairs. FixRim is affiliated with Wheels America which operates 8 independent fixed location business that conduct alloy and chrome wheel rim repair and remanufacturing.

Q. How much is the initial franchise fee and what do I get for it?
A: The initial franchise fee is $25,000. The estimated required investment ranges from $61,695 to 118,995. As with any new business venture, it’s important that you have the capital needed to adequately fund your new business.
FixRim provides a comprehensive two week training program for franchisees..
FixRim provides support for all franchisees as well as for their team members.
FixRim provides a web based operating system that has been tested, proven and successfully operated.
FixRim provides access to over 20,000 active inventory rims.
FixRim has established national vendor relationships.

Q. Are there other fees?
A. Franchisees will be required to pay royalties of 5% of weekly “net sales”, subject to certain minimum royalty payments under certain circumstances. Currently Franchisees do not contribute to a national marketing fund.

Q. Do I need an automotive or automotive repair background to purchase a franchise?
A. You do not need any previous automotive experience to join FixRim only a desire to build a dynamic independent business to help you achieve your career goals.

Q. Who are the FixRim franchisees clients?
A. There are numerous clients:
New Car Dealers and Used C ar Dealers
Auto Auctions
Auto Body and Auto Repair Shops
Individual Car Owners

Q. How long is the franchise agreement? Can I renew it?
A. The FixRim franchise agreement is for 10 years and it is renewable.

Q. Do FixRim franchisees have a protected territory?
A. Each FixRim franchise is awarded a protected territory.
The territory is determined by a number of factors such as whether the territory is urban or rural; the number of residents living in the area; the number of people working in the area; and the number of competitive business in the area, among other factors.

Q. Can I be a passive owner/investor of a franchise?
A. FixRim has found that our most successful franchisees are highly motivated individuals who devote a significant part of their time and efforts to their business. Hands-on management is important to the effectiveness of the FixRim business. As an owner, you may, however, choose to have a passive or silent partner.

Q. Can I partner with someone else to launch the franchise?
A. Business partners are certainly welcome as part of your business, however, a partner must complete a confidential franchise application and provide personal financial statements. You may also add qualified partners at any time subject to FixRim approval.

Q. Will I have the opportunity to speak to existing franchisees?
A. Once you have filled out a Confidential Information Request and you qualify for a franchise, you will receive a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD includes a list of our franchisees, and we encourage you to contact them

Q. Do I have to operate the mobile FixRim truck?
A. The franchisee will be trained in all areas of the franchise operation to include operating the mobile rim repair truck and performing rim repairs. The FixRim franchisee is expected to develop the franchise with a plan of growth to having a 3 truck operation by the end of the first year of operation.

Q. What is the next step to learn more about FixRim and the franchise opportunity?
A. We invite you to complete a Confidential Information Request. Completing a Confidential Information Request does not obligate you in any way to buy the franchise, but it gives FixRim an opportunity to consider your qualifications to become a franchisee. Once FixRim receives your request, a FixRim sales representative will review your application and then call you to discuss the franchise.

You will receive a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which includes information about the FixRim corporate staff, our business model, fees, and information about our franchise network. We encourage you to review the FDD and discuss any questions you may have with your sales consultant or at a Discovery Day, a free seminar that explains the FixRim franchise opportunity and introduces candidates to our personnel and services.


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